When you go off road and the dirt is spraying up and you ride straight through that pool of water, your kit can start to look a little dirty and worn. With this in mind and after requests from our mountain and CX brethren, thanks to Champion System we have our darker race kit for when you go off road. So get onboard the juggernaut and show your club colours with pride by taking advantage of our order until the 6th April.

With the CS Direct order portal currently open at www.champ-sys.com.au this gives all of our riders the opportunity to get themselves our purpose designed off road club kit. With a variety of options available including the loose fit downhill jersey, there are no excuses to look your best when our Cyclocross season rolls around or you sign up for the Fling or 3 Ring Circus. We will also be offering our $50 rebate with this portal.

The Champion Systems website is – www.champ-sys.com.au and you will go to this site in order to place and pay with them directly. The club will not be taking individual orders. This order is for the darker kit only.


Check out the wardrobe of clothing options – http://champ-sys.com.au/cycling/cycling-collection on the left of the page you will see the tab for the accessories. If you just want to order the basic jersey and bibs – then you just want to select the Edge Bib Shorts and Edge Jersey – your stitching will be white. We have also done up a standard package option, which has the popular Razor Bibs and Jersey.

Look at your old kit for your size, most of our old jerseys were in a ‘race cut’ this is printed on the inside of the collar. If you want your bibs to be slightly longer than normal, so they sit about an inch above the knee, select the additional leg length at check out  – this is recommended. All of the clothing options are available to you! Even if yo can’t see our club design, if there is something you like, select it and a design will be done up for you.

Yes the range is large, but in order to cater for everyone’s personal tastes it is easiest this way. Sizing Chart – http://champ-sys.com.au/cycling/cycling-size-charts



Once you have decided what you want – Go to the CS Direct Login – http://custom.champ-sys.com.au/Login/en-AU/in.aspx Our login is ‘mwcc’ our password is ‘mwcc’ If you need help ordering, check these videos here – http://champ-sys.com.au/csdtech This order will close 6 April. Delivery should be around the 12 May.

There is a 5% charge to your order because we are utilising the direct order method. This means your order comes back to me in a bag individually addressed to you, saves me having to sort through 300 orders to find your bibs and jersey. The club will NOT be taking individual orders – all orders are to be placed through Champion Systems.

What are my recommendations? Gran Fondo Chamois – rather than the performance. Having tried most of the range, I would recommend the Razor Lite Jersey as the best jersey in the collection – http://champsys.com.au/cycling/cycling-collection/cycling-jerseys/cs-razor-lite-short-sleeve-cycling-jersey.html I like the extra length in the sleeve and I think it is worth the additional dollars. It is designed to be a snug fit. I would also recommend the Razor Bibs Shorts, with additional length in the leg, so that it finishes about 1 inch above the knee. This is available as our standard package.

The design has been based on the standard razor bibs and jersey being ordered. The basic long sleeve jersey is probably the most worn piece of kit I have. Great for some sun protection and perfect for those slightly cooler mornings. This is the same fabric as a normal jersey, it isn’t fleece lined. http://champ-sys.com.au/cycling/cycling-collection/cycling-jerseys/custom-long-sleeve-jersey.html

Socks – Are not available on this order, but the club has placed a separate order for this item.

Like our road option, the club will be offering a $50 rebate to all orders placed in this portal. Once your kit arrives and you collect it, the club will hand you a cheque for $50 to say thanks. So don’t delay in getting your order in – it will close off on the 6 April and we don’t know when the next order will occur.