The journey of Ramesh Sathiah riding from Sydney to Hobart is a story of what our members do when they aren’t racing bikes. On his journey, Ramesh was part of the Variety Cycle Charity ride in which he rode an amazing 2,182 kilometres and 30,554 metres of elevation over fourteen days. Here is a brief recap of his ride.

In early March I took part in the Variety Cycle from Sydney to Hobart. The brief from founder to the ride director was to ‘make it epic’ and i would say they succeeded!All in all we covered 2182 km, and 30,554 metres of elevation over fourteen days of riding with one rest day in Melbourne.

At the finish line

The event started in Centennial Park Sydney with about 100 riders, but this dwindled down and varied over the two weeks but the core group consisted of fifteen riders who did the whole event. Now did i enjoy it? Well kind of! It was pretty grueling particularly the first run of eight days straight to Melbourne which ended up being around 1300 kms. I got sick with a bug/chest infection in the middle and was counting down the days to have a rest in Melbourne.

Our Nations Capital


I think i slept for fourteen hours there! One very hard day was across the Snowy Mountains as well as Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. Some long and brutal climbs there. A common theme of the ride was, if there was a longer and more hilly way to get somewhere… that’s the way we would go. We really noticed this especially in Tasmania out of Launceston where we saw signs saying Hobart was only 200kms away, but we had about 700km left on our program! The last week I started feeling really good as I got back to full health and was
felt surprisingly fresh when we got to the finish line in Hobart.

On the way to Cradle Mountain

The ride was organised extremely well, and we had and incredible support team of twenty five people with us. Audi supplied the cars and we had a vehicle behind and in front at all times, and the ride director was an extremely capable man and excellent cyclist Bade Stapleton who controlled us very well. Safety was the no.1 priority and he did a great job of keeping us under control and we had not incidents on the trip of any major concern. I got to Hobart puncture free too!

Before big day in the snowys

All in all it was in incredible experience, and i did it was a great bunch or people which most of the crew of Wild Oats, as well as Australia Paralympic skier Micheal Milton who cycled with us for most of the journey with only one leg.

Next year the Variety Cycle will be going north to the Great Barrier Reef. They say they are going to reduce the kilometres and climbing a bit to make it a bit more ‘fun’ and allow people to enjoy the towns and sites along the way a bit more. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

With the wife at the finish