The new club kit which has been designed especially for cyclists has taken all the rich culture and history of cycling on the Northern Beaches since 1957. Designed with consideration to the views from Mont Ventoux and the complex characters that we smell from a freshly roasted Allpress espresso the design is both a signal to the past and a nod to the future.

Riders will finish a group ride with the scent of a Tdf rider post stage, the jersey fitted for maximum comfort and race speed. The club kit wouldn’t look out of place in a trendy inner city bar or out riding the beachfront. The vibrants blues that radiate from the riding kit is a reflection of the ocean that laps up on the beach across the region.

Offering a full wardrobe of options from jersey and bibs, to socks that appear to have been spun by a thousand spiders using the finest of Italian materials. All cycling requirements are meant, with MWCC rain jackets, wind vests and winter items all available for order.


The bibs will be the same for both road and mountain bike kits

Our brand ambassadors will have the option of either the road kit or mountain bike options when it comes to jersey choice, with both designs utilising the same bib design. Riders will note that the new navy panels on the side of the jersey have been implemented to slim line the figure of the rider and the darker panels on the bibs are a reflection of our rich history and the designs of earlier racing years.

Only the light blue jersey will be registered with Cycling NSW for road racing. A reminder that MWCC only signs off on NRS or Registered Junior Development Team Kits. Riders can wear whatever they want when training but are expected to race in MWCC kit or neutral colours if you haven’t don’t own a team kit.


Mountain Bike Jersey Design

Socks- we currently have in stock and do not need to be ordered.

You are able to order any item in the Champion System clothing range and it will be designed to match our existing designs. We have only put up select items because, too many options can confuse some consumers. So you can order skin suits, jackets, gloves and base layers all in the MWCC design to ensure that you look completely professional on the bike.

We are utilising the Champion System CS Direct Order system. That means riders order their kits directly with Champion System, the club will not be ordering on your behalf. To order simply go onto our online stores and order your items. We have created some bundles of items that are our most popular items, so that riders can simply click and pay.

However if you are wanting different items or just wanting a single item, when you go into the store at the bottom of the page, is a list of tabs. Simply select the item that you want from that collection. A MWCC design of that item will be made up, if it hasn’t already and off you go. So if you just want an Air Jersey, then follow that process.

The current order window will be open until 16th December.

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