Have you been riding around and not really seeing any improvement in your riding ability? Maybe you want to take the step up to the next level and just aren’t sure how to get there? Or perhaps you are a young junior who wants to raise the bar but wants someone who understands what it is like to handle those training loads and juggle school commitments. Then riders should consider Velocity Coaching.

Many have seen the progression of Dan Scheiner from young chickpea to the flying falcon over the last few years. It has been a pleasure to watch his career progression as he now rides with development team Mobius Future Racing, remembering back to when he joined and he was so small I gave him a pair of XS womens bibs. He is now using and sharing what he has learnt with the launch of Velocity Coaching including getting the gender appropriate bibs sorted.


Dan Scheiner is a rider with a lot of ability and continued potential and like many when he joined the sport he was super keen and eager. As a rider who from the outset looked to have a big future, Dan stumbled around looking for the right program to get him there. He tried some local coaches, he went interstate, he went online, he had plenty of people offer advice but none of it appeared to really benefit him or allow him to really step it up to the level that he knew he was capable of. He is now advised by one of Australia’s most respected coaches who helps numerous overseas professionals and top level Australian riders. As a result of this, he has seen many different programs and ideas about what works and what doesn’t.

Rather than let you stumble around and waste time perhaps for a few years, Dan is able to let you learn directly from his lessons. Dan Scheiner knows the numbers that you need to be putting out and how to get there and most importantly get you putting out the numbers you want to be pushing.

The Peloton passes the Cotter Dam2015 National Capital TourStage 2 - Corin Forest Mens Road Race | September 19 Canberra to Corin Forest (136.43km)

Dan has had a strong interest in the dynamics of cycling performance since he started riding, and with study and experience this has developed into a passion for coaching. Dan wants to work closely with a small number of enthusiastic cyclists, helping them to achieve their goals and dreams! Young aspiring riders would definitely benefit from working with Dan because he understands how young riders think and cope with the training loads. He has experienced plans that have worn him out, so that he turns up at peak races over cooked as a junior rider. He is also able to give you an insight into what it takes to race in the National Road Series.

If you are looking for a coach, then make sure you enquire with Dan Scheiner. Special rates for MWCC members.

Contact him at-  danscheiner9@gmail.com or call him on 0447 225 561

Mobius 2

*Editor Note: Dan Scheiner is a current member of MWCC and he has been racing at MWCC for a number of years now, he has cut his teeth at West Head and has also raced around Belgium. He has kindly waited for me on many a ride and he is a currently a rider for Mobius Future Racing Team, an NRS team.