MWCC’s Womens Ride and Breakfast

With the growth of cycling and our growing female membership base, MWCC has borrowed the excellent idea from NSCC and are hosting a women’s ride and breakfast. This will be an opportunity for all of our female club members to get together and go on a social ride, as well as the opportunity for cycling widows and those interested in road riding to come along and see what all the hype is about.

The number of female riders within the club and riding has been increasing at a massive rate – Sydney Uni Velo now host women only graded racing and we also see growing numbers of ladies riding within our bunches. This ride will be a chance to harness all of those riders and also give other women a chance to get out on the road and do a ride with our club members as a great introduction as to what road riding has to offer.

We will have two groups on the morning, with experienced riders joining in on the Clubs Saturday Cruisers ride, which does the weekday loop out to Church Point before returning to Bacino. We will also have an introductory group that will ride to Narrabeen before returning to Bacino at Manly. Upon arrival at Bacino, the riders will take up the usual spot on the outside basking in the sunshine and have a complimentary breakfast from Bacino put on by the club.

Both groups will have experienced riders within them, to ensure the safety of the group and also to assist with any problems. In order to ride with either group, you will be required to have a helmet and a road worthy bicycle. If you are unsure if your tyres need a pump or the bike isn’t running smoothly – it might be worth popping into the Fixed Wheel at 143 Pittwater Road, Manly and getting them to give your bike a quick look over. At 6:30am there is some potential for the requirement of a working rear and front light, so make sure that you also have access to one of these.

Male partners of riders are welcome to attend and offer to be a supportive riding partner. However if there are child minding requirements, we recommend that our noble male riders put up their hand for babysitting duties on this occasion. You are not required to be a member of the club to participate and we welcome all new comers on this ride.

Both rides will depart at 6:30am from the bus shelter opposite Bike Addiction on Pittwater Road. You will be at Bacino at Manly around 8am.

We are sure that by the end of the ride you will be convincing your partner that you are the one who needs to upgrade their bike and will be dragging them into Fixed Wheel as you explain why the new piece of bling is not only a need by a necessity.

The ride will be postponed if it is raining.

Ride Safe,

Club Secretary


  1. Will

    Page 5 of todays Manly Daily or online –

  2. Will

    Thanks for the massive turnout this morning. It was great to see so many new people enjoying the ride along the beaches.

    The 6:30am Saturday ride is a weekly ride, that leaves and follows the same route as this morning. Everyone is welcome to come along each week.

    We recommend a road bike in good working order, in order for you to keep up with the group and also to make it more enjoyable by riding within the bunch.

    Once you build up the fitness and bike skills – you can check out some of the other rides and races the club has to offer.

  3. Martinette

    Thank you for organising a girls get together – bikes included event MWCC!!!

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