After racing for nearly 30 years, I have over the last few years tried to put something back, riding a charity ride each year. This year a friend mentioned he was riding the Day of Difference ride, to the Hunter Valley and back. I was picking up my daughter from school and saw Sophie Delazio walking across the playground. I’d heard about her but didn’t know the full story.

I decided to ring Ron Delazio and have a chat with him about the ride. When I met him, Sophie’s story in itself was enough for me to want to get involved, but when he told me about the charity, I imagined myself sitting by my daughters hospital bed, for days, weeks, months. Despite not wanting to commit to a whole 3 days, I found myself volunteering to ride and to help out with training rides as well.

I led a get together ride for the event from Manly to Palmy and back a couple of Sundays ago, and was pleasantly surprised that the 30 or so riders who came along where a solid group who rode regularly and would be a pleasure to ride with.

If you are keen to get involved with the ride then please contact myself or Ron Delazio on or if you would just like to sponsor me please do so at

Some of you may have friends at work who would want to get involved and may be able to enter a small team or a Manly Team or, like myself, just enter individually as part of the Day of Difference team.

Remember sometimes it’s not all about me!

The Day of Difference Foundation is a national charitable organisation dedicated to helping children with life threatening injuries and their families through the journey from intensive care through to recovery

Each year over 68,000 children aged 0 – 14 are hospitalised due to an accidental injury. The Day of Difference Foundation makes sure these children and their families receive support, hospital resources and equipment, access to communications and accommodation, community engagement and education in the acceptance of difference

Your chance to get involved

The event is from 5th to 7th August 2011 and involves riding to the Hunter Valley,staying at the Cypress Lakes Resort, a day riding around the Hunter and a ride home totalling 400K. Check out the details