The MWCC World Club Championships were held yesterday in glorious conditions at West Head that resulted in fast and furious racing across all the Grades. Riders were looking to have their names etched into MWCC history.

There was a sea of blue in all of the Championship grades and congratulations to all that competed. The winners will go down in history their names etched onto the shields carved out of the energy of a dying star.

The racing was fierce across all grades, which was unexpected given that pre race, every rider was describing their lack of fitness or downplaying their chances of success. Once they clipped in and starting pedalling, their was no friendships in play.

Even in the 4 lap Elite race, riders were attacking from the very roll out, looking to gain an advantage or to unhitch any rider that was not fully warmed up pre-race.

Results for 2018 Club World Champions:

Elite MWCC World Champion: Peter Livingstone
Elite MWCC Womens World Champion: India Mclean
U/23 MWCC World Champion: Peter Livingstone
Masters MWCC World Champion: Tim Clarsen
Super Masters MWCC World Champion: David Ledger

All the podiums:
1. Peter Livingstone (Open & Under 23 Champion)
2. Aaron Bicknell
3. Tim Clarsen (Masters Champion)

Open Podium

Masters (40 Plus)
1. Tim Clarsen
2. Anthony Plumb
3. Phil Taaffe

Masters Podium

1. India Mclean
2. Emma Roberts
3. Tara Nolan

Women’s Podium

Super Masters (60+)
1. David Ledger

Our Super Masters Champion

B Grade
1. Daniel Chalhoub
2. Jamie Dunn
3. Marty Hector

B Grade Podium

Womens B
1. Tanya Gerold
2. Natalie Fraser 

Women’s B Grade

C Grade
1.Benoit Sokolowski
2. Mitchell Wheatley
3. Colin Edmonds

C Grade Podium

D Grade:
1. Blake Gillmer