We Are Off To Alpe D’Huez! 28 June

The most famous climb in the TdF and this is your chance to TT up the mountain, all courtesy of the Sydney Altitude Centre. Come and join your club mates on the evening of the 28 June as we tackle the famous climb!

It isn’t just the steepness of the climb or the legendary hairpins that make this climb such a torturous route – but also the reduced amount of oxygen in the air making this not only leg busting but lung busting as well. In the 2013 edition of the TdF they will be climbing this twice in a single stage and so we thought to get some idea about what the riders will be going through, we should stimulate the environment right here in Sydney.


Alpe D’Huez starts at an altitude of 1,250 metres and peaks at 3,330 metres  and is 13.8 km at an average 7.9 per cent, with 21 hairpin bends. Each one is numbered and unless it is a full hairpin they don’t count it! Many a legend has been created on the mountain – Marco Pantani riding away from the peloton and setting the record up the climb, another more recent event was when Carlos Sastre launched his attack on the bottom of the mountain and by the top he had gained yellow and taken it from Cadel Evans. The top 200 times up the climb can be found here.


Now after many a night yelling at the TV, you can see what it is like for the riders due to the facilities at the Sydney Altitude Training Centre. On the night we will be riding at approximately 2,228 metres, which is the same height as the peak of Mount Kosciuszko. Each rider will be on the bike for about 25 minutes, completing a section of the course on one of the 6 provided ‘Velotron computerised bikes’. This is a powerful stationery bike that is linked up to a computrainer, so that not only can the bike adjust to the course, but also measure all of your power output and individual leg outputs – all while being in an oxygen controlled chamber. We will have a leaderboard going throughout all of the riders completing the course. We will most likely have about 4 different rounds of riders on the course.

The cost to our members and friends is absolutely free – so instead of having to fly all the way over to the French Alps, you can simply make your way over to Mosman. We may even organise some free croissants for the true French feel. The only down side is that numbers are limited, so please contact the Club Secretary to reserve your place.

spectator alpe d'huez

The plan is to have riders arrive around 6pm at the Centre for a 6:30 start, although if you are late, that is okay because we will slot you into one of the later rounds. The evening should go till about 8:30pm and after that we will over to the Buena Vista in Mosman to recount our tales of torture. During the evening we will be monitored by the team from the Centre and they will be able to answer all of your training questions.

Cyclingtips website has also been running a series on training at Altitude and the most recent report can be found here.



Location: Alpe D’Huez – Sydney Altitude Training 1st Floor, 789 Military Road, Mosman. Enter via the rear Council Carpark.

Date: Friday 28th June

Time: 6pm for a 6:30 start until approx 8:30pm

Cost: FREE

What to bring: Cycling clothes, cycling shoes and pedals, water bottle.

RSVP: Email the Club Secretary to confirm your place – limited spots available

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  1. Club Sec

    50% of available spots now taken. Please RSVP if you are interested.

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