I am the captain of my soul.     
I am the master of my fate:     
How charged with punishments the scroll,     
It matters not how strait the gate,     

William Ernest Henley. 1849–1903 – “Invictus”

The start lists are now available and are attached at the end of this manifest. If you have any queries about your grading, then please contact us directly. There will be NO on the day entries, no taking a friends spot, no taking the spot of a rider who hasn’t signed in. This is a NSW Open and all riders must be pre-entered.

The race start/finish and sign on will all be conducted at the Elvina Trail Car Park.

We wish all riders the best of luck and courage for race day.

Sign on commences at 6.15 am at the Elvina Walking Track Carpark.

Race Start Times are as follows:
A Masters     6.40am Group 1

A Masters     6:50am Group 2

A Elite             7.05am

B Grade       7.15am Group 1

B Grade.      7:20am Group 2

C Grade       7.25am Group 1

C Grade.      7:30am Group 2

D Grade      7:35am


Please be aware that all riders who are wishing to drive onto the course must be on West Head Road by 6:30am. The road will be closed to all vehicles from this time and drivers wishing to go onto the course will have to wait for a official convoy car to take them along the course. This is for the safety of riders and a requirement of NSW Police. There will be no exceptions made. Prior to 6:30am, we will have a marshal at the entry and you simply advise them that you are here for the race.

If you choose to park on West Head Road, please do not park within 500 metres of the finish line or within the car park at Elvina since this will be used for riders and officials during the race.

Course Strava Route – https://www.strava.com/routes/4862422 – 1 lap

The finish line is heading in a northerly direction opposite the start line.

Prize money in excess of $2,000 will be on offer across the various grades.

This race is entirely contained within a National Park, a home for our native animals & an area subject to high public visitation. Accordingly, special rules apply. DOGS & OTHER DOMESTIC PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED. This is not a place to bring rover for a run, or to set free the fourteen stray cats that have taken over your back yard. If you have a special someone coming along to cheer you on, let them know that they should leave man’s best friend at home.

Now this is a big issue – National Parks approval is on the basis that we leave the Park without any litter. Getting a race this close to Sydney has been very difficult and time consuming. We don’t want to lose this race. When you have had a gel, put the wrapper either in your back pocket, stick it in your leg gripper or eat it. Do anything but throw it on the course. We don’t want our volunteers having to walk the course after the race collecting your wrappers. It is possible to put used gel wrappers in your jersey pocket, we have tested it. Littering is an offence with a $300 penalty

Members of the public are users of the park. Please be courteous at all times, notwithstanding the pressures of racing for the honour of winning a race at West Head.

Road Rules
This is a public road, and accordingly usual road rules apply. It is important that riders remain to the left of the centre line & as close to the LH side as possible at all times.  Whilst the road is closed to the public except when supervised, cars may be present on course, and vehicle convoys will be taking place.

Please don’t ride on the footpaths within the park or anywhere there is a sign that says you should dismount. It is an offence to ride in pedestrian only areas.



A ELITE 4 LAPS 7:05am
BARLIN, Chris Parklife CC
BRYAN, George Sydney Uni Velo Club
CALDER, Angus Nero Racing
CHANG, Youngkyu St George CC
COCKS, Brett Bicisport
COYLE, Jesse Mobius Future Racing
CRIDLAND, Luke St George CC
CRUICKSHANK, Luke Eastern Suburbs CC
CULEY, Marcus St George Conti
DINHAM, Matthew Manly Warringah CC
EVERETT, James Parklife CC
FRASER, William Parklife CC
GANDY, Daniel St George CC
GREEN, Thomas GPM Stulz
HO, Wesley St George CC
IREMONGER, Sam Rauland
KAMPERS, Aidan Mobius Future Racing
KENT, Nash Parklife CC
KIRWAN, Nicholas Central Coast CC
LIVINGSTONE, Peter Mobius Future Racing
LUCAS, Phillip Manly Warringah CC
LYNCH, Tom St George CC
MILLER, Christopher Nero Racing
MORGAN, Harrison Northern Sydney CC
NEWMAN, Daniel Northern Sydney CC
PAGE, Joshua Manly Warringah CC
RENSHAW, Jack Northern Sydney CC
RICHARDS, Gene Sutherland Shire CC
ROZYN, Matt Harlequin
TAAFFE, Philip Manly Warringah CC
TARLINGTON, Conor Rauland
WILSON, Angus Sydney Uni Velo Club
WOAN, Niall Sutherland Shire CC
WRIGHT, Mitchell Mobius Future Racing
 WHITFIELD, Sean  Canberra
BLOM, David Peloton Sports
BONARIUS, Nathan Sydney Uni Velo Club
BUTLER, Scott Rapha CC
CARRIGAN, Colin Manly Warringah CC
CASH, Darren Sutherland Shire CC
CUPITT, Michael Northern Sydney CC
CURRY, Tim Sydney Uni Velo Club
DE CARVALHO, Grahame Sydney Uni Velo Club
DIMITROVSKI, Antony Parramatta CC
EVANS, David Manly Warringah CC
GODDARD, Brent Harlequin
GOMEZ, Pedro Randwick Botany CC
GRIEVE, Stuart Northern Sydney CC
HAYNES, David Manly Warringah CC
HOLLAND, Tony Harlequin
HUNT, Lewis Manly Warringah CC
ISRAEL, Mike Northern Sydney CC
LEIGHTON, Jon Harlequin
LEMPRIERE, Simon Bicisport
MCINNES, Mark St George CC
MCLAREN, Will Manly Warringah CC
O DONNELL, Mark Sydney CC
O’CONNELL, David Northern Sydney CC
O’CONNOR, Mark Manly Warringah CC
O’CONNOR, Peter Eastern Suburbs CC
PEPPARD, John Eastern Suburbs CC
POTGIETER, Jake Peloton Sports
SLADE, Justin Parklife CC
STEVENS, Craig Northern Sydney CC
TOWNSEND, Julian Rapha CC
VIRDI, Ran Northern Sydney CC
ALEXANDER, Tom Manly Warringah CC
CANAVERO, Diego Adrian Manning Valley CC
CARROLL, Sean Harlequin
COURTNEY, Michael Sydney CC
D’AMBROSIO, Nicholas Parklife CC
DENNEY, Joel Bicisport
DUGGAN, Andrew Sydney Uni Velo Club
FERGUSON, Michael Manly Warringah CC
GATLAND, Nick Harlequin
GOODMAN, Kevin Manly Warringah CC
GRAF, Anthony Southern Cross CC
HARTARD, Adam Manly Warringah CC
BOLT, Michael Manly Warringah CC
HENNESSEY, Deborah Port Macquarie CC
JOHNSON, Geoff Manly Warringah CC
KILLMORE, Christopher Sydney Uni Velo Club
KIPPEN, John Manly Warringah CC
LAVERY, David Manly Warringah CC
LAW, Alex Sutherland Shire CC
LEDGER, David Waratah Masters CC
LOGAN, Andrew Northern Sydney CC
MCSWIGGAN, Peter Dulwich Hill BC
NAIRN, Brandon St George CC
ONG, Michael Northern Sydney CC
PETERSON, Gerald Manning Valley CC
SKY, Nick Manly Warringah CC
THORNELOE, Andre Manly Warringah CC
VESTY, Amy Dulwich Hill BC
WILLIAMS, Jean-Paul Randwick Botany CC
YONGE, David Manly Warringah CC
B GRADE 3 LAPS – GROUP 1 7:15am
BAILLY, Nicholas Manly Warringah CC
BRIGHT, Dan Manly Warringah CC
BUCHANAN, Nic Manly Warringah CC
BUTTERFIELD, Richard Sydney CC
COLANTONIO, Anthony Bicisport
CRAWFORD, Andrew Peter Manly Warringah CC
CURJAK, Paul Sydney Uni Velo Club
DIXON, Mitchell



Manly Warringah CC


Lidcombe Auburn CC

FARROW, Toby Lidcombe Auburn CC
FOSTER, Jake Eastern Suburbs CC
HOWARD, James Lidcombe Auburn CC
JOHNSTON, Matthew Northern Sydney CC
LEONG, Clinton Peloton Sports
LLOYD, David Sydney Uni Velo Club
MANSFIELD, Stephen Peloton Sports
MOODY, Alexander Sydney Uni Velo Club
O’NEILL, Andrew Manly Warringah CC
PEACOCK, Gavin Manly Warringah CC
PHAM, John Bankstown Sports CC
PLASKOW, Jonathan Sydney CC
RYAN, John Bosco Sydney CC
SALAM, Noeris Sydney CC
SAMS, Richard Manly Warringah CC
HELLMICH, Andy Central Coast CC
SMITH, Kel Bankstown Sports CC
SOSTARIC, Kris Sydney Uni Velo Club
STEEL, Justin Manly Warringah CC
TAYLOR, Matt Manly Warringah CC
VAN CALCAR, Hendrik Randwick Botany CC
VAN GELDER, James Lidcombe Auburn CC
WALES, Mitchell Sydney Uni Velo Club
 SHILLAND, Edward  Manly Warringah CC
B GRADE 3 LAPS GROUP 2 – 7:20am
WHITEHOUSE, Georgie Sydney Uni Velo Club
BARNES, Philip Cycling New South Wales
BOON, Jason Manly Warringah CC
COOPER, Andrew Manly Warringah CC
DINH, Minh Northern Sydney CC
DIRCKS, Alex Dulwich Hill BC
DOWNER, Jesse Harlequin
DRINNAN, Ian Southern Cross CC
DUTTON, Karen Southern Cross CC
EATON, Paul Peloton Sports
EVANS, Chris Manly Warringah CC
FARR, David Manly Warringah CC
GADIEL, Michael Giant CC
HARROD, Grant Peloton Sports
HENDERSON, Alex Manly Warringah CC
HIGGINS, Oliver Central Coast CC
HUBBARD, Simon Manly Warringah CC
JEFFCOAT, Emma Rose Northern Sydney CC
LACEY, Mark Dulwich Hill BC
LANE, Loren Manning Valley CC
LYNCH, Phillip Manly Warringah CC
MATTHEWS, Neil Manly Warringah CC
O’BRIEN, Lewis Sydney CC
OSBORNE, Johnnie Sydney CC
PARLE, Phillip Waratah Masters CC
PATTERSON, William Northern Sydney CC
ROBERTSON, Peter Harlequin
THOMAS, Andrew Manly Warringah CC
WALKER, George Manly Warringah CC
WILLIAMS, Jarrod Illawarra CC
WOODS, Julian Sydney CC
C GRADE – 2 LAPS GROUP 1 7:25am
ALCHIN, Brenton Manly Warringah CC
BALDWIN, Brett Manly Warringah CC
BARBARO, Tony Manly Warringah CC
BUSON, Michele Manly Warringah CC




DUNNE, Phil Manly Warringah CC
FISK, Thomas Dulwich Hill BC
FOWLER, Chris Waratah Masters CC
HARDER, Michael Manly Warringah CC
HARDY, Mark Manly Warringah CC
MCLEOD, Brett Sydney Uni Velo Club
MOWER, Paul Northern Sydney CC
NIELAND, Andrew Manly Warringah CC
RANKIN, Jeremy Peloton Sports
ROBINSON, Matthew Manly Warringah CC
ROONEY, Mark Manly Warringah CC
SHORT, Stephen Caravello CC
SUD, Rohit Sydney CC
WALTON, Courtney Sydney Uni Velo Club
ZUMBO, Dominic Bicisport
 BULL, Richard  DHBC
C GRADE – 2 LAPS GROUP 2 7:30am
AINSWORTH, Anthony Southern Cross CC
ASHTON, Scott Manly Warringah CC
BURDETT, Amanda Manning Valley CC
CHEN, Peter Randwick Botany CC
DOUGHTY, Alan Lidcombe Auburn CC
EDOLS, Ben Manly Warringah CC
FOX, Russell Parklife CC
JONES, Declan Randwick Botany CC
JUDGE, Marcus Waratah Masters CC
LEWIS, Richard Caravello CC
MEACHAM, David Bicisport
MUSICH, John Central Coast CC
PEGLEY, David Northern Sydney CC
SHEPPARD, Graham Manly Warringah CC
SKINNER, Katherine Sydney CC
SMITH, Angela Peloton Sports
STEELE, Mark Central Coast CC
VAN DYK, Lynda Southern Cross CC
WITHFORD, Mark Northern Sydney CC
YOUNGER, Faye Southern Cross CC
D GRADE – 1 LAP 7:35am
Colin Brennan Central Coast CC
Graeme Cocks Bicisport
Lachie Sky NSCC
Henry Davison MWCC
 William Mace Smith  MWCC
John Hatt dulwich hill cycling club
Claire Carroll SUVelo
John Hatt Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club
Stephen gray WMCC
Alex Krnjulac Manly Warringah
Ben Dawtrey Peloton Sports
Zac Dawtrey Peloton Sports
Luc McCann Private
Henry Paton

Amanda Jones

Joel Lancaster

Bill Williams

Manly Warringah CC


Manly Warringah



Race presentations will take place as soon as the racing has concluded.

If you have any further questions then check our website or send us an email.

Thanks to Smartline Mortgages we will have a sausage sizzle and drinks available at the finish line. This race is run by volunteers, so remember to be nice to them.