Doing 3 Peaks or coming with us to the Hunter? Or perhaps you just want a solid day in the saddle with some company. The rolling with MWCC ride will take you on a hilly adventure that will help you find your climbing legs, work on your tan lines and get a few kilometres into your legs. If you aren’t going to NSCC Beauie Worlds then join us on our adventure.

This is an out and back ride to Mount White, with plenty of turn early options for riders with limited time or only wanting to go so far. The total ride distance is 135km from Manly to Manly.

This ride has a decent amount of climbing in the ride, with the riders climbing just over 2,000 metres during the ride. The ride will roll out from the usual MWCC meeting point at the bus shelter at 6:30am before heading straight up Allambie Road to wake up the legs.

From there we will make our way out to Bobbin Head. Riders will make their own way up Bobbin Head, with a regroup at the top. Then a roll out to the Old Pacific Highway and a quick descent down Brooklyn, riders who are wanting a bit of a longer break, can turn now and make their way up to Pie in the Sky for a longer recovery point, this will save them approximately 15km.

The other riders will continue their journey up Mt White before a regroup at the top, a quick descent down and then back up the Brooklyn climb for a regroup at Pie in the Sky. Refuel at this point.

Back home via Bobbin Head, Forest Way and down Allambie Road into Manly.

The standard of the ride would be suitable ride for C graders looking for a challenge, B Graders and A Graders who are happy to wait at the top of the climbs. Ride Distance is 135km.

Ride route is here –

Perfect training ride for those doing 3 Peaks in March and a good preview of what to expect on the long ride to the Hunter Valley.

If it is raining, I am staying in bed.

These rides are open to all riders so bring a friend or tag along, just bring a sense of fun and enjoyment. If you want to meet us along the route, no problems at all. These are group rides, so that means a few simple items should be remembered by all:

Be on time, the rides roll out at their advised time.
Be self sufficient, carry a spare tube, have enough water, have some cash.
We are here for fun, if you have a bad attitude then feel free to join another ride.
This is a group ride. That means two by two formation, hold the wheel and keep the pace steady – no pace lining, no surging, no attacking the bunch. Sure there will be a few KOMs and sprints out on the road, but otherwise stick to the group, keep it tight and regroup after any sprints or climbs. The aim of this ride is just to put some kilometres in the legs.

If you are worried that you won’t be strong enough, happy for you to just sit on the back of the bunch and get towed along. If you want to turn early, then no problems. You will never know if you don’t give it a go. Just look at the route guide and use your common sense. The stronger riders generally pull longer turns on the front, weaker riders can skip turns if necessary.


Ride Meeting Point: Bus Shelter opposite Bike Addiction, usual ride meeting point. Ride leaves at 6:30am.

Finish Point: Back at Manly, but riders can deviate home at any point that they wish. So you can turn early, turn off at Forest Way, whatever suits.

What should I bring:

Working bike
Two water bottles (you could probably get away with one, if you don’t drink a lot, but out on these roads and heat you get through a fair bit)
Money (for drinks etc)
Sense of adventure and a positive attitude

What ride should I do?

Completely up to you, perhaps see how you are feeling at the Brooklyn. You can always turn at any point, since it is an out and back loop.