It is time to drain the swamp! If you have plan, no doubt a very good plan, a number of people have told me how great the plan is, only you can implement this plan. Now is the time to raise your small hand and  seize the power that comes with a voluntary club position with the MWCC AGM. Being held on the 11th December 2016 at 4:30pm at East Manly Cove Beach. All positions on the committee will be up open for nomination. 

The annual AGM will take place in order to provide a year in review with a report from the President and the Treasurer. There will be a general discussion on the status of the club and also any specific items of concern or interest.

All positions will be made vacant on the committee and all positions open to current club members for nomination. Jim Buda has confirmed that he would like to continue as the President Trump. Similarly Antoni Mikac (VP) and Richard Saunders (Treasurer) have expressed interest in continuing in their role.


Positions that will be open for nomination:

Club President

This role involves the general leadership role of the club. It involves liaising with the various committee members and providing leadership on the general direction of the club. You will also be involved in discussions with local Council, Cycling NSW and Australia, sponsors and various other parties.

Vice President

This role acts as a support for the President and also a general sounding board for the rest of the committee.


You control the Clubs finances and are to ensure that the club has correct standards and monitoring of its finances. You will be involved in the general banking associated with our events, transferring of funds to members in the event of this being required and also general monitoring of funds in and out of the account. You will be required to provide annual financial statements


You will communicate with the other members of the committee and the club members. Your role will involve communication with Cycling Australia and NSW in relation to membership queries and race sanctioning. You will be a general point of contact for members and potential members. You will assist the President in the day to day running of the club. You will maintain the State Handicaps on behalf of Cycling NSW and Oz.

Sub Committee Positions

Committee 1,2 ,3

These roles will look at assisting on items such as social rides and events. Women’s Co-Ordinator, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike Representatives.

What: AGM Meeting
Where: East Manly Cove Beach, up on the grass, look out for the club tent.
Time: 4:30pm
Date: 11 December 2016
Cost: Free

Note: All voting members must have been a financial member during 2016 or current 2017 members.