Think you can do a better job? Well here is your chance to seize the power that comes with a voluntary club position with the MWCC AGM being held on the 1st February 2015 at 5pm at Market Lane Café. All positions on the committee will be up open for nomination. Start your campaigning now.

The annual AGM will take place in order to provide a year in review with a report from the President and the Treasurer. There will be a general discussion on the status of the club and also any specific items of concern or interest.

All positions will be made vacant on the committee and all positions open to current club members for nomination.

Once again we will be attempting to increase the number of sub committee positions with each role having a specific role and requirements. We hope that by giving these roles specific objectives we can meet the needs of all of our members and make it easier for those that serve on the committee.


Positions that will be open for nomination:

Club President

This role involves the general leadership role of the club. It involves liaising with the various committee members and providing leadership on the general direction of the club. You will also be involved in discussions with local Council, Cycling NSW and Australia, sponsors and various other parties.

Vice President

This role acts as a support for the President and also a general sounding board for the rest of the committee.


You control the Clubs finances and are to ensure that the club has correct standards and monitoring of its finances. You will be involved in the general banking associated with our events, transferring of funds to members in the event of this being required and also general monitoring of funds in and out of the account. You will be required to provide annual financial statements


You will communicate with the other members of the committee and the club members. Your role will involve communication with Cycling Australia and NSW in relation to membership queries and race sanctioning. You will be a general point of contact for members and potential members. You will assist the President in the day to day running of the club. You will maintain the State Handicaps on behalf of Cycling NSW and Oz.

Sub Committee Positions

Social Co-Ordinator

Your role will be to co-ordinate and organise the clubs social events, this will range from coffee mornings, drinks/pizza nights, social events during events such as Tdf/Giro, end of year party and other events as deemed suitable.

Race Co-Ordinator

Your role will be to co-ordinate the racing calendar for the Club. You are to liaise with the commissaires, marshals, event organiser in the running of club events. This role is purely for the organising of MWCC run events.

Marshall Co-Ordinator

Working with the race co-ordinator, you are to ensure that the roster for member assistance is maintained and updated. You will be required to communicate with members in relation to volunteering at the various events run by the club.

Social Ride Co-Ordinator

Your role is to organise monthly or even fortnightly rides for members of the club. These rides can be of various distance and skill level. You are to determine the start location and the logistics of these rides. You will be the point of contact for these events.

Women’s Ride Co-Ordinator

Your role will be to support female riders within the club by acting as a point of contact, co-ordinating our riders for larger cycling events and assisting and encouraging more female participation in all aspects of cycling.

Cyclo-Cross Co-Ordinator

Your role is to manage and co-ordinate the Clubs growing Cyclo Cross presence and requirements. This may involve in running events such as the NSW rounds of the National Series, local club events and other such activities. You will be the main point of contact for cyclo-cross within the club.

Mountain Bike Representative

We will require a general co-ordinator of all matters pertaining to the operation of the mountain bike club and their activities. You will be the contact for the mountain bike segment of the club. We will also be looking to integrate the mountain and road club in terms of the website and flow of information to the various members.

Junior Riders Co-Ordinator
Your role is to encourage more junior riders into the club. This will be done via a variety of events such as come and try days, free skills training days and also assisting with any races that may allow juniors to attend.

More details of any specific agenda items will be posted prior to the event.


What: AGM Meeting
Where: Market Lane Cafe
Date: 1 February 2015
Cost: Free

Note: All members must be current members in order to vote and stand for election.