It is with much excitement that we see the return of this race weekend to the Cycling NSW calendar. Only a few hours drive from Sydney this is the perfect weekend away to drink some wine, taste some cheese and maybe ride your bike a little. To ensure that the weekend is a complete success, MWCC will have a host that will take partners around to select wineries during the event to ensure that riders are completely focused on their event.

MWCC completely understand the logistics and requirements to put on such an event and with it returning to the calendar due to the hard work of Mudgee CC, we want to ensure the success of this event and other country races. Without riders supporting these events, they will disappear from the calendar forever with nothing to fill the void. This weekend is your perfect chance to justify a weekend away racing your bike.

Why is this a good choice of a weekend away? With plenty of quality accommodation in Mudgee, there is no reason to slum it for the weekend. There are plenty of quality boutique establishments if you want to bring your partner along and perhaps bring some of the romance back to bike racing.


It is only a few hours easy drive to Mudgee. You can either head up Friday night or leave early Saturday morning from Sydney to make your way to Mudgee. Racing starts on Saturday at 12pm and then again on Sunday morning. You will be home back in Sydney by mid afternoon on Sunday.

Saturday is a handicap race and Sunday is graded scratch races. What does that mean? The handicap race, you are in groups of riders of similar ability and the idea is to work together to stay ahead of the groups behind you who are generally faster. The first groups may have anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes head start on the fastest riders. The scratch race is your normal A,B,C or D Grade race as per our local road races.


Need to sell it as a weekend away with your partner and kids? The races both start in the Robert Oatley vineyard! A few bottles of wine will hopefully seal the deal. To assist MWCC members, we also have a few knowledgeable drinkers and cheese eaters within our travelling party who will assist in guiding partners around during the racing.

The Saturday will be lunch and a few different wineries that will be timed to allow them to step outside and cheer on the riders as they race past, before heading back in for a few more testers. They can also provide recommendations on suitable child friendly activities. This will all be finished up in time to wander down to the finish line and cheer the riders home.

Sunday morning is an early race start, so once the riders have departed partners will be able to head off for breakfast and if they want,we will also have a cheese producers and other local foods on the travel itinerary. Before they know it, riders will be racing over the finish line and the weekend has flown by. Riders can then either head off for a nice post race lunch or start their way back to Sydney.


Race Details:

Saturday: August 1 – The Mark Dwyer Memorial Handicap

Sunday: August 2 – The Oatley Winery Scratch Race

Saturday entry cost is $67

Sunday entry cost is $67

Both entries are via Cycling NSW with entries closing 19th July.

Can’t make this weekend? What about the Cootamundra Race weekend – 22 and 23 August.