Kids Stampede MWCC Training Day

Our free kids training day was akin to a plague of locusts descending on Terrey Hills, with the club absolutely delighted with the turn out of over 100+ children to our training day. It was fantastic to see children of all ages and abilities learning some new bike skills, gaining confidence on their bikes and having some fun.

This was the first time that we had attempted to hold a training day for children and we really had no idea just how popular the event would be. While we have previously run some children’s races at our cyclo cross events, this training day was the first time that the focus was all about the junior riders.

The resounding feedback was very positive and the club will now be planning on hosting more of these events in the future and we will be adding a regular juniors race prior to all of our cyclo cross events.

kids day 2

The children were run through a variety of drills depending on their age and ability. We had children who were on balance bikes and would have only been around 3 years old, up to kids who were confident on their junior bmx or mountain bike. It didn’t matter if your bike had training wheels or you were lacking a bit of confidence when pedalling because by the end of the day, you would have been weaving around cones and much more confident enjoying your time on the bike.

We have realised that every parent wants to give their children a skill for life and that includes being able to ride a bike, but they themselves may not have the knowledge or skills to pass onto their children and this is where our skills days will be able to fill that void. It was great having accredited coaches there on site providing the training and watching how much fun the children were having on their bikes. We were simply blown away by the numbers and level of interest on the weekend.

So if you missed this opportunity or your children had so much fun that they want to do it all again, don’t worry we will be back with more days and events in the near future.

Kids Day


  1. Richard G

    This is absolutely awesome. Well done (and many thanks) to everyone involved. Going up the age curve slightly, if we have any [over 10s? / young teenagers] who want some experience of riding “on the road”, perhaps we could offer some specific training rides for them, with lots of adult assistance & protection for their parents’ peace of mind? Happy to volunteer if there is any interest in getting that off the ground.

  2. Dave Watkinson

    Hi Richard, we have been in contact with Warringah Council today to fix any holes in the road circuit at Terry Hills and aim to teach group riding skills to the kids up there as well as off road skills.
    We have also got 4 24inch road bikes on order to help our small youngsters get started.

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