To kick off the summer criterium racing season at HART we will be running a morning crit on November 6. This morning of racing will allow for extended races for each grade which will include a FREE Womens A and B grade (Experienced and Non Experienced). This Sunday event will be the perfect way to commence our season of crit racing on the Northern Beaches.

Riders looking forward to our Friday night crits at HART which commence November 11, will have an early morning entree to the series with this full morning of racing. Longer races for all grades, makes it well worth travelling out to. Please note that unlike our Friday night series, there will be no childrens training at this event.

Final HART 2
The HART track is an honest little course with a little pinch every lap. Being car free and a looped course, riders are nearly always in sight and so it makes it a fun spectators race and a great introduction for those new to racing. Spectators are able to sit in the middle of the course which allows them to be there at the finish line and also at the little pinch, making for exciting viewing throughout the race.

Schedule for the Day
7 am – D grade (35 mins plus 2 laps)

8 am – C grade (40 mins plus 2)

9 am – B grade (40 mins plus 2) and Women’s B (30 mins plus 1 laps)

10 am Men’s A grade (45 mins plus 2) and Women’s A grade (40 mins plus 2)

Entry is $15 for Race Licence Members. Womens Entry is FREE. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the current renewals at Cycling Australia or try one of their 3 Race Licences to see if you like racing (riders could try a crit and a road race with this option). All riders must have a current licence or purchased a Day or 3 Race licence, to allow for appropriate race insurance. Consider our road race on November 13 as another racing opportunity.

What is a criterium? A criterium is a timed race or a certain number of laps. Often completed on a short loop of between 1-2 kilometres, riders complete the set time or laps and the winner is the first over the line after that time or laps completed. It is a good sport for spectators because the riders come past at regular intervals.


Where is HART? 451 Mona Vale Road, St Ives. This is opposite St Ives Showground. There is plenty of parking available at the site, if you wish to drive. Alternatively there are a number of cycling routes to the venue.

How do I enter? Entry is on the day, simply turn up with your licence or 3 Day permit print out and a Australian Standards helmet and $15 if you are in Grades A-D. The womens races, you just require your licence or Day/3 Race permit print out and a Australian Standards helmet.

What time do I have to enter? Entries will be open throughout the morning, so riders just need to get there approximately 15 minutes before their grade to enter and pin on a number. We will be taking entries from 6:30am on the day.

Final HART 3

Is this open to all riders and clubs? Yes, this race day is open to all riders and clubs. New riders are welcome, just make sure you have a race licence or have purchased a 3 Race permit. We recommend that you choose Manly Warringah as your club of choice when purchasing a licence.

Can I ride the track at other times? No. This is a private venue, that we have hired specifically for this event. It is not opening to cyclists outside of this and our Friday night races. Riders will be able to warm up on the track before their race.


How fast or good do I have to be to race? The morning will cater for all standards or riders. If you have no racing experience and are new to riding a bike, then we would recommend D Grade, if you have been riding a while but never raced, then perhaps consider C Grade. For ladies, we would recommend that all beginners or those who aren’t that experienced in racing, select the B Grade option and then hang around to watch the experienced females post race.

You can always move up or down a grade in your next race if you find your selected grade too hard or too easy. Our sign on officials will also be able to assist you in selecting a grade on thge day if you aren’t sure.

Tony Holland

What if I can’t keep up? Don’t worry that is racing, if you find yourself off the back, you can continue to ride around or you can join the infield of spectators.  The multi loop nature of the course, means you are never far from the start/finish line, so you won’t be stuck out there for hours. Many riders all the way up to elite, will pull the pin early if they find themselves in difficulty, there is no shame in this option.


We look forward to welcoming you on November 6 for our morning of racing.