The Battle of the Bridge has been fought by the Gods for thousands of years. This is the biggest Club racing series, this side of the Galaxy. When clubs are pitted against each other, it becomes the next chapter in the Avengers Infinity War. It is now back for 2018. Like any Marvel production, each edition has to be bigger than the previous edition and for BOTB it will be no different, as Clubs fight for control of the Helmet of Kratos.

Like any marauding band of warriors looking to conquer new lands, the founding four Pillars of Racing are expanding out into new territories and for 2018, the Sydney Latte line has been drawn. If your club falls within the Latte line territory, then you qualify to do battle for the mythical artifact of the Helmet of Kratos which holds unimaginable social media power. If your Clubs falls outside the boundary, then you will spend an eternity in the barren lands wandering hopelessly in the vain hope of competing in the ‘War of the West‘ and the dream that you can do battle at the end of the year with Judgement Day.

What does this all mean?


For 2018 Randwick Botany are hoping that Dulwich Hill Cycling Club can anchor the bottom of the table with RBCC hoping to remove the shackles of being the dead weight year on year. Without a penny farthing round, the inner city hipsters may struggle to collect the vital points and instead will be left sitting on an upside down milk crate grooming their beards.

While Eastern Suburbs Cycling Club last year showed that they don’t travel well outside of Double Bay, the new entries of other city clubs such as Cheeky Velosport and Rapha CC may encourage them to turn up and race. Rapha were disappointed that the entry fees weren’t twice the price for their members, a sure way to encourage their participation but there is a good chance that we could release a limited edition scarf for the series if it helps drum up some numbers for them.

Will St George CC come from the south, led by Dan Bonello and ransack the party?

In ancient times the power of the Helmet of Kratos was spread across the four regions by the Gods of Cycling. Harking back to those four regions, there will be four rounds of racing, each held by one of the Pillars of cycling. That means four rounds for your Club to collect points in the series. In these gladiatorial contests your Club earns the points, not individual riders, so it is time to start making some friends within your own club.

Only the Clubs battling for ultimate control of the Helmet of Kratos, that is the clubs that fall within the Sydney Latte Line will be racing on these 4 days of racing.

Round 1. RBCC – June 30th at Heffron Park

Round 2. MWCC – July 8th at West Head

Round 3. SUVelo – July 29th at Heffron Park

Round 4. NSCC – August 5th at Beaumont Road

For each of the rounds, each Pillar hosting sets the parameters and the grades for racing. This is based on what their venue has the capacity to hold on a race day. All races on that day are used to collect points and results will be collected down to fifth place.


To help build the next generation of warriors in the inner city, all rounds will host a Juniors U/17 race within various time slots. All riders in this division will be required to be U/17 and have the appropriate licence.

At the RBCC round one we will have a Juniors U/17 and Womens Handicap race at 2pm followed by grades A-C at 3pm.

MWCC will be hosting grades A-D and a Juniors Race. Note that this date will also be the RAW Road Series NRS Race. Riders in that race will not be eligible for points.

SUVelo will be hosting A-C plus a Womens Race and Juniors

NSCC will be hosting A-C and a Juniors Race

Entry to each of these races will be organised by the hosting club and start times will be confirmed closer to each individual round. Please note that Heffron Park and Beaumont Road have strict field limits to ensure maximum safety for all riders. These field limits will be strictly enforced for all races. Clubs may introduce pre registration for their rounds and if they do, we would strongly encourage early take up of these entries.

Which club will earn the victory? Is it true the Helmet of Kratos was what Indiana Jones was really seeking in the Temple of Doom? Who will sacrifice themselves for the good of their club? This is Battle of the Bridge and no victory comes easy particularly with the opportunity to burn individual clubs via memes.

Which Club will have their name etched on the Helmet of Kratos. On the 30th June it all begins….


2016 – Northern Sydney CC

2017 – Sydney Uni Velo

2018 – ???