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Alex Green Silver Medallist Para Cycling World Cup

MWCC recently welcomed cyclist Alex Green to the club. She is a rider that brings that a wealth of experience and results to the club and she is a great representative for promoting female riders in our sport. Alex has recently been riding for Australia at the 2014 Para-cycling Road World Cup in Segovia, Spain. We have been lucky that she has penned us a quick report before headig off to the USA in September. Read about her adventures on the road. Continue reading

Roger Shackleton – The ageless racer

Just last Saturday I had a fairly typical experience, I was standing around chatting to a few MWCC riders who had just finished racing in the B grade race at Randwick Botany’s Saturday afternoon Heffron races – one had finished in the pack and the other had lasted about three quarters of the race before getting spat out the back of the group. Both riders are fairly new to the scene and so they were discussing how much harder the B Grade bunch was driving the pace compared to their prior experiences in C Grade, they also made the comment ‘ gee that old guy from Manly goes pretty hard’. That old guy who had finished ahead of them, was none other than Roger ‘tick tock’ Shackleton. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Jake Kauffman 2011 Club Champion

MWCC thought that it might be appropriate to introduce our new club champion to all our members with a quick getting to know you session with Jake Kauffman. Jake certainly has a presence within any peloton simply due to the fact that his rugby background means that his biceps aren’t the smallest muscle on his body and when his legs getting pumping there aren’t many that can hold his wheel as shown recently with his sprint victory at the Club Championships.

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