I noted this photo from Belrose Bicycles on social media and it was similar but better to the one i had taken the previous Sunday, this is quickly becoming the norm on the Northern Beaches and most of Sydney. It often seems that Government and driver logic is – we need to discourage other forms of transport. 

This photo could be taken on a Sunday or a Monday. We need to ensure that as our population continues to grow, that we offer alternatives to simply driving to every conceivable destination. This is why our President Jim Buda has been on the airwaves and in the press pushing for more of a focus on liveable cities. This has been brought into focus with the new proposed cycling laws coming in March.

No one is arguing that we don’t need cars. Trades people, delivery people, even ordinary citizens need to use their cars often on a daily basis, but should it also be the default option?

Cycling isn’t just about the MAMILs who everyone obsesses about in any mention of cycling. Funny that we don’t think it is strange that people go for a jog in a running singlet and shorts, or people playing basketball in uniforms in other words, wearing clothing that is suitable for your chosen sport but i digress. Archaic and punitive measures for people who just want to jump on their bike to roll down and check out the surf or cruise down to pick up some take away are also being targeted and will actually be the most impacted by these laws.

The high visibility packs of ‘Tour De France wannabes’ wouldn’t think twice about wearing a helmet on a ride and carrying some form of identification, however check out the Manly Promenade and you will see plenty of people just cruising along without a helmet and most likely without ID. We don’t think they should be subject to $319 fines.

You can read our President article in the Sydney Morning Herald which i have attached as a link http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/new-cycling-laws-fines-will-affect-suburban-amenity-advocates-warn-20160214-gmtpyb.html

A final reminder to those who love sending letters to the website now – car rego doesn’t pay for our roads. Roads are paid for by general taxation. Local roads are actually maintained by local councils, so it is households who pay council rates, that maintain those roads. Your rego doesn’t build, maintain or cover the cost of roads.

My favourite recent submission was from a letter writer who described what it is like to be stuck behind a cyclist. I will let you make up your mind on their state of mind – How would you like a woman pushing a pram in front of you? That’s what it’s like behind a cyclist.