Strava Hunting – Parriwi Road

This short little climb must have one of the best views of our harbour and it is a popular little route for all cyclists.

Whether you are the serious rider or the casually dressed commuters loaded up with panniers, you will see all types making their way up and down Parriwi Road, Mosman every day of the week. So i thought this might be a good first up for a new little section of articles on Strava Hunting.

Strava is an online website that allows riders to upload their rides and create segments or it matches your ride to existing segments. Riders can then compare their times to other riders who have competed the same segment. The fastest rider in the segment is then awarded the KOM for that segment. Any rider can participate and you don’t have to be the KOM in order to compete, you can simply set your own benchmarks or challenge your mates on a ride – you can also stalk each other, because you can follow other riders – so you can find out when they are off doing secret training. In order to access strava, you simply need a garmin or a smart phone and download the app to your phone –

Cycling Tips website did a good article on how to Strava hunt or just ask club member Mitch Dixon about his strava stalking and hunting. A number of members have also announced their disappointment and anger on Twitter when they have lost a KOM – at one stage Gabriel Denoury had a rider actively seeking out his times and beating them.

Parriwi Road Strava

Once you make your way over the Spit Bridge and are heading south towards the city, cyclists take the left turn at the bottom at the Yacht club and turn into Parriwi Road.

This short climb is only 1.32 kilometres long with an average gradient of 5.3%. It is a fairly consistent gradient and so you can get yourself into a fairly steady rhythm getting up the climb.

Parriwi Strava

Strava segment:

Currently the KOM stands at 2:28 and the QOM at 3:00, neither of which is held by a MWCC rider – rather both are owned by NSCC riders – this is just disrespectful and so close to our home turf, we need to challenge this. So next time you are heading North and over the Spit Bridge – see what time you can get up Parriwi – Philip N and India F are now being hunted…

Parriwi Mens

Parriwi Womens

 Parriwi End

The final stretch

Do you have a climb that we should hunt? Let me know and I will add it to the list.


  1. Phil N

    Haha… Come on guys I only recently got this kom, let me enjoy the strava glory a bit longer

  2. ed

    boundary riders on tuesday and thursday rip up parrawi – is good fun.

    phil is led out by frank & others – like ruberia and tricky beltran setting the pace for lance up alp d’huez

  3. mitch

    If you want to own a KOM there’s no better example than Sir Chris Hedley.

  4. Gab

    So did our club secretary finally created his Strava account?

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