Race Preview & Grades – Will it be Jaeger v Brickell this Sunday?

With the fields selling out for this Sundays alternative to Paris Roubaix, it has given everyone a chance to see who they will be facing in the epic battles within each grade. With no entries being taken on the day for the mens races – the grades are now posted and remember that the A Grade Elite race starts at 7:20am.

 The fields started filling from the time that they opened on Sunday morning at 9am. Jon Leighton of JML Racing was entering via his mobile, mid race at Blayney to Bathurst so keen was he to get a spot on the start line. Once the sold out signs started to go up, so did the offers and pleas to get in. Dan Bonello offered a signed picture of himself in his Attaquer kit to get himself and team mate Brad Mills on the startline but without the offer of a pair of socks, they were declined. The Wilson Racing riders are lacking some serious results at West Head of late even when they have turned up with the numbers, perhaps they should sign up Matt Goss for next season, just so their lack of wins can continue – Ed White will want a result.

 The A Grade field has a number of contenders – Dan Brickell of Sutherland CC returns to defend his crown, after he won it last month – in an pre race interview he is feeling confident of defending the title, telling journalists “I am in good form” of course being in good form may not be enough. Other contenders include the Peloton Sports duo of Cam Peterson and Michael Jaeger, who have been in Adelaide recently on a training camp at the NRS race series, which saw Cam Peterson pick up a second on one stage and the sprinters jersey on another. Not to be outdone Jaegerbomb took out the Snowy Cyclo Sportif ahead of two Budget Forklift riders when he rode away from them on the climb up Charlottes Pass, could we see some early pace setting up Akuna Bay?

Could we finally see a victory from SuVelo or Subaru Albion on the course? This is a race both teams have been desperate to win and similar to Team Sky, they just haven’t found their momentum or had any luck in winning the Classic of West Head. If these teams don’t get a rider in the early break it may be an inevitable Sagan v Cancellera duel at the end.

 Start Lists are as follows:

A Grade Elite – 7:20am

Keegan Aitchison

Joshua  Aldridge

Tobias  Aubrey-Poiner

Dan Brickell – Last Months Winner

Mark Crawford

Marcus Culey

Edward Dockrill

Paul Edelstein

Cameron Harrison

Michael Jaeger – Danger man

Michael Kurnik

Lucas Laxale – Pretender

Kane Macri

Edward Parker

Tom Patton

Cameron Peterson – Can ride a bike

Tom Petty

Rob Quinn

Tom Sacre

Ronald Visser

Rob Webb

Edward White


A Club made its debut last month and this month we have seen a rapid increase in demand for the 3 lap option amongst the riders who just aren’t strong enough to mix it with the Elites but are too strong for the B Grade options. No doubt these riders just have to commit themselves to a few extra hours of training to make that final step up or upgrade to some HED wheels.

So what does the crystal ball reveal for this grade? Andrew Pickering took out the inaugural race and then signed himself up for C Grade this month – obviously has some bills to pay, with that effort. No doubt he is a rider to watch. Looking at some of the non MWCC riders we note that Matt Lucas is on the start line and while he hasn’t enjoyed any success at an MWCC race in recent times, he certainly knows how to find the finish line at other venues across Sydney. Will Alan Bransdon make his way to the top step after coming so close last month? I think he may find the sea of blue smurfs (well it would be if the riders wore their club kit) a little difficult to fight against. Jeremy Hopson will be looking for the climbs to put the other riders into trouble and will be happy that he has some pre race recognition, because he won’t want it to come down to a sprint. There is the potential for a Tour of Flanders breakaway particularly with MWCC own Spartacus – Cam Dinnie putting his name on the start line but will he show up this month? No doubt Chris Blomfield-Brown will be happy to get himself up the road and day dream about becoming an MWCC member.

 A Grade Club – 7:25am

Kurt Adams

Richard Bjorkmann – Been doing big miles

Chris Blomfield-Brown

Alan Bransdon – doesn’t come over the Harbour Bridge for no payday

Michael Collings

Rod Commerford

Brendon Cropper

Cam Dinnie – Spartacus

Andrew Duggan

Jon Dundas-Smith

Nick Gatland – Will he turn up with a clean bike and matching kit? Unlikely

Phillip Gray

Jeremy Hopson

Jon Leighton

Matthew Lucas

Glen Moorby

Peter O’Connor – Seasoned veteran – respect.

Garett Paton

Andrew Pickering – Last months Winner

Chris Powell

Jordan  Reizes

Mark Rowling

Ollie Whalley

 B Grade is just a feast of groupsets with Shimano, SRAM and Campag all getting a start this month. With so many grades, it should provide a number of new winners – club handicappers considered putting Chris Taylor and Shaun Falzarano in the same grade, to see these two battle to the death, the nemesis Shaun Falzarano has been creeping up the grades and his recent Blayney to Bathurst results showing that he is certainly riding a great wave of form at present. Chris Taylor is so desperate for the win we may have to call him Vinokourov, because if he gets away he will be wheeling and dealing with those break away riders.

B Shimano – 7:30am

Simon Ballard

Andrew Begley

Joshua  Bolton

Thomas Carroll

Brett  Cocks

Matthew Coy

John Dalzell

Mitch Dixon – Wolfman returns to racing

Niall Durney – Proven performer

Dean Gale – Secret trainer

Tyson Gundersen

Jonathan Herb – Will be on the podium

Brad McGarry

David McIntosh

Richard Measures

Will Mumby

Giovanni Pilu

Matt Robertson

Tim Sone

Chris Taylor – Desperately wants to win – may buy victory

 B SRAM – 7:35am

David Watkins

Rob Hurley

Tim Peel

Charles Moore

Jeff  Dhu

Mark Redimerio

Tim  Mornane

Angus Fisk

Shaun Falzarano – Strong Form

Bobby  Bostic

Nathan Galang – Will do a mountain of work on the front

Scott Austin

Trent  McAllan

Adam  Hartard

David  Adcock – Fast finisher

Nigel Halpern

Hamish Murchison

Andrew Gordon

Richard Scriven

Andy Hellmich

 B Campag – 7:40am

Will Godfrey

Harry Mackay

Gabriel Raubenheimer

James  Gilmore

Craig Stevens

John Pham

Peter Staciwa

Robin Vandekreeke –Recent podiums at Heffron

John Peppard – Will Tuesday night form translate at West Head?

Matt Dodds

Rafael Robledo

Phil Scheidegger

Kevin Eddy

Jason Hotten

Robert  Scheiner

David  Watkinson

Matt Taylor

Will McLaren – Favourite for this field, must have a slow internet to get in this grade

Antoni  Mikac

Tom Wallis


 C Grade exploded last month, with attacks coming thick and fast from the outset, which saw the breaks go, be reeled in and then more attackers launch themselves. No real proven performers so it could be anyones podium. My tip is that the the pace will be on from the start and it could see some early escapees and then the main bunches wil have to decide – do they work together to bring them back or simply watch each other implode one by one out the back.

C Shimano – 7:45am

Mick  Baber

Brett  Babicci

Dan Bright

Jim Buda – His race, so may declare himself victor at the startline.

John Crnogorac

Steve Dawkins

Eric Dole

Kenneth Hedges – Possible winner

Tim Hiley

Matthew Jessup

Geoffrey Kennett

Mark Long

Andrew McNamara

Paul Meehan

Paul Mower

Jason Pitkeathly

Phil Rigby

Peter Whalan

Chris Yeomans

Aliriza Yucel

 C SRAM – 7:50am

Rob Bunten

David Chee

Justin Diddams

Chris Hedley – Buy his 99c book for charity – https://itunes.apple.com/au/book/waiting-for-ricky/id850237368?mt=11.  

Christopher Holberton

Alan Hurdle

Greg  James

Scott Kesteven

Cameron Laird

Jeremy Peacock

David Pearson

Bruce Potts – Outside Chance

David Raubenheimer

Ed Rigby

Julian Robertshawe

Stephen Short – Will be up there

Scott Simpson

Justin Steel

Joshua  Tang

John Ward – Favourite

David White

Riders can sign on from 7:00 am down at the Akuna Bay Marina.

Please note that there are toilets in the Marina – do not use a tree or a bush as a toilet.

 “Local” Rules for the West Head Road Races

 Road & Racing Rules:

 •             All NSW road rules apply at all times during this race.

•             DO NOT cross double lines at any point during the race.

•             All Cycling NSW and Cycling Australia road race rules apply at all times during this race.

 General Course Instructions/Etiquette:

 •             Always be aware of other users on a public road.

•             General Road Etiquette:

o             Ride 2-abreast unless overtaking.

o             Leave enough room for vehicles to pass safely.

o             Do not crowd other cyclists as you pass them – give them space. Remember, some of them are only new to cycling and we would like them to enjoy their ride.

o             Don’t shout, yell or swear at non racing riders as you pass them.

•             Remember! Bad behaviour could jeopardise the future running of this event. Also you are riding in your club’s kit and any bad behaviour or rule breaches reflect on your club, and on the Manly Warringah Cycling Club who are hosting the event.

•             Blatant disregard of Commissaire instructions and/or breaking of road rules will result in disciplinary action – relegation and/or disqualification.

•             Please exit the park with safety and other road users in mind. How we conduct ourselves when racing is finished has a bearing on our ability to get race permits in future.

•             Please ride single file up McCarrs Creek road (at a minimum when a car is coming) this has an impact of residents perception of cyclists and has an impact on getting racing licences in future.

•             If you have a team car please don’t follow directly behind your group up McCarrs Creek Road or to Akuna Bay – this makes it difficult for cars to pass and is a major issue for residents.

 Akuna Bay Start:

 •             Please keep the registration area clear to allow a quick sign in process to happen. Don’t bring your bike into the registration tent.

•             A Pre-race briefing will be given to each grade by the Chief Commissare of the day. If you are unsure of something, ASK!

•             Riders are responsible for knowing the course – please ask if you are unsure.

•             Grades will depart at 3 to 5 minute intervals.

 Turn-Around Points:

 •             West Head Turn-Around Point at Resolute Picnic Ground Car Park:

 o             The turn-around point is marked by a large orange safety cone and a MWCC Marshall standing behind it.

o             A number of small orange safety cones will be spaced approximately 5m apart leading up to the turn-around point.

o             Riders will turn right into the amenities car park between the last of the small cones and the large cone.

o             Riders should be prepared to give way to oncoming traffic.

o             On exiting the car park, riders MUST check for traffic coming from their right.

o             All racers must follow instructions from the Marshalls

o             NB: Marshalls are not allowed to stop traffic on public roads.

 •             Southern Turn-Around Point at the West Head gates:

 o             This is the intersection of West Head Road and Akuna Bay Road.

o             The turn-around end point is marked by a large orange safety cone and a MWCC Marshall standing behind it.

o             Riders must turn between the concrete divider and the safety cone/Marshall.

o             Riders that turn behind the Marshall onto Akuna Bay Road will be disqualified (safety reasons excluded).

o             All racers must follow directions from the Marshalls.

o             NB: Marshalls are not allowed to stop traffic on public roads.

 Elvina Car Park Finish Line:

 •             The finish line is indicated by 2 orange safety cones and a line of masking tape across the road.

•             5 (or more) orange safety cones will be spaced at 5m intervals on the centre double lines leading up to the finish line.

•             At NO TIME are the double lines to be crossed during the finishing sprint. Unless for a safety reason, the rider will be relegated or disqualified.

•             On finishing, riders are to continue past the corner to ensure they can see any on-coming traffic before turning across the road to the car park. An orange witches hat will mark the point where riders can turn across the road and return to the car park.

•             Check for oncoming cyclists who may be coming down the hill in the shadows.

•             Make sure you check behind you as well for other riders not racing.

•             The entry to the car park is to be kept clear at all times.

•             For safety reasons, riders must also keep to the left of the gutter near the car park entrance to ensure that the road is kept clear.


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