The Smartline 3 Lap Handicap on April 8 will require to ride at your limit for the 3 laps in order to secure victory. But what is your limit? How hard can you push yourself? What is holding you back? Thanks to  the Inner West Allied Health & Specialist Centre you can now test your V02 max and also find out if you are just ‘big boned’. 

Inner West Allied Health & Specialist Centre integrates high precision science with expert interpretation and guidance, to ensure the most effective fitness, health and performance outcomes are achieved.

From the 1st of March 2018, they are offering an exclusive Endurance Performance package. Beneficiaries include athletes of all ages and abilities, who are interested in maximising their training and competition outputs, via improvements in body composition; cardiorespiratory fitness; strength; metabolism and energetics; resilience and vitality.

Physiological and body composition evaluations during different phases of training & competition provides valuable information about specific responses and adaptations, or limitations that effect performance.

Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), metabolic economy, anaerobic threshold, blood lactate, heart rate:
Oxygen consumed and delivered to contracting muscle is an important contributor to endurance fitness and health metrics. The most common evaluation undertaken by cyclists, triathletes and runners is the progressive intensity VO2max test: starting at approximate 50% intensity, progressing in 3-minute periods until fatigue. The total duration of the test is typically 15-20min. A face mask is secured around your head in order to continuously measure oxygen consumption, ventilation and respiration. Heart rate is also monitored continuously, and blood lactate (micro blood sample from a fingertip) taken every 3min. You will also be asked to rate your interpretation of intensity during each stage (6-20 point BORG scale), which is then integrated with your physiological metrics. The sub-max periods allows for establishing steady state, metabolic economy, and training zones.

Following the test, comprehensive feedback is provided, highlighting key results and recommendations that are unique to your physiology and training targets. This test is both a lot of pain and a lot of fun, as you learn what your limits are.

It seems more and more members of our society are becoming ‘big boned’. Somehow we have advanced a lot in evolution in the last few decades so that our bone composition seems to have expanded rapidly. This can now be tested.

Body Composition:
Body composition is assessed via Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) which is a well-established and high precision technique for measuring body composition, including bone mineral density (BMD), body fat and lean muscle mass. Body composition changes are often recommended to athletes for both performance and health benefits; which may include reducing visceral fat tissue (fat stored around vital organs) and subcutaneous fat tissue (under the skin); or increasing lean muscle mass or bone mineral density. DEXA scan is very safe, and there are no complications associated with the procedure.

Expected outcomes: Following both tests, you will be provided best practice guidelineson ways to improve cardiovascular fitness; strength; body composition; injury and illness prevention.

Mention this Endurance Performance Package when making your appointment for a cycling or running VO2max test & DEXA scan to receive a 25% discount rate of $375 (RRP $500). Private health insurance rebates are also available to those with extras cover.

Allow total time of 60-75min for your evaluations and results interpretations

Practitioner and MWCC Club Member:
Mr Anton Sostaric
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
DEXA Technologist
PN: 219129TT

For appointments or enquiries, please contact Inner West Allied Health Centre;
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267 Norton Street Leichhardt
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