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At MWCC we feel that it is important to teach and maintain the standards of cycling amongst our members. With a sport that has a rich history, one does not simply pull on a jersey and go for a ride. There is reason and meaning behind so many things that we do on and off the bike. One of these traditions is the cycling cap. At MWCC we offer both the traditional and modern design of the cycling cap. #capsnothats

The great Eddy Merckx was amongst those who donned caps with distinction, drawing a classic image of cycling more recently embraced by urban cyclists on fixed-gear bikes. While helmets may have reduced the requirement for cycling caps, it is my belief that they are a perfect addition to your kit during our autumn and winter months. They can be flipped down to fend off rain or provide additional sun cover or they can be flipped up when not needed.



A young Eddy Merckx showing how it can be worn

Not only are they perfect for wearing under your helmet in the rain, or keeping you a little warmer on a cold ride, they are a great addition to your outfit when you are relaxing at the coffee shop post ride. Wearing a cap is a gesture of respect for the long history of the sport, and of personal sartorial splendour that is reflected in all things MWCC. The cycling cap is all ours.


Historically the riders of the day were tough men—more like coal miners and boxers than the svelte thoroughbreds of recent years—and the cap was a dainty thing. For Colin Lewis, a member of the 1967 British Tour de France team. The cycling cap was a badge of honor, a mark of professionalism, and not something a rider would want to give away. “When I got selected for the Tour de France, my team gave me something like 10 cotton racing hats. I was very fond of a good starched racing cap, and I was proud of having a nice fresh one on each day,” he said. Source Bicycling

Over the next two decades, the cap enjoyed a high water mark: TI-Raleigh riders storming the Alps with their caps pushed up high on their heads; Sean Kelly hitting the cobbles with his cap turned backward like a man ready to dive into a fight; Giuseppe Saronni, impeccable with his peak flipped up at the front, signing autographs in his Colnago-branded rainbow jersey. However like many traditions they have died off, we had Lance and more recently Chris Froome on the top step of the podium at Le Tour wearing a baseball hat.


If these riders wonder why they struggle to regain or gain popularity, perhaps they should give greater consideration to their headwear choices. It is more than a functional or promotional item. The cycling cap has come to mean something much greater than the sum of its four cotton panels and tiny brim.


The classic MWCC cap

Thankfully we see the revival of the cycling cap, partly due to the public campaign on social media under the hashtag #capsnothats and the work being done by riders such as Mark Cavendish, Tony Martin and ever stylish Michael Kwiatkowski.

Mark CAVENDISH ( GBR / Etixx - Quick Step ) gewinnt die erste Etappe der Tuerkei Rundfahrt in Alanya - Podium - Siegerehrung - Zeremonie - Ceremony - Jubel - Freude - Emotionen - Querformat - quer - horizontal - Event / Veranstaltung: Tour of Turkey 2015 - Stage 1 / 1.Etappe: Alanya nach Alanya 145.0 km - Location / Ort: Alanya - Turkey - Tuerkei - Asia - Asien - Date / Datum: 26.04.2015

Tour de France 2015 - 16/07/2015 - 12eme Etape - Lannemezan / Plateau de Beille - 195Km - Michal KWIATKOWSKI (EQS), Prix de la Combativite

At MWCC we have the traditional racing stripe cap or riders can choose the modern design ‘seagulls and chips’ cap. The traditional design is also offered in the modern technical fabric similar to our jerseys.


The modern fabric, with a classic design

The modern ‘seagulls and chips’ cap is a reminder that no day at the beach is complete without some hot chips by the sand while you fight off the swarming seagulls. It is the perfect nod to history in the style of the cap and modern traits with the design.


The MWCC Seagulls and Chips Cap

All caps are available for $15


Team Etixx have gone to the trouble to give some insider tips on how best to your cap once you have taken off your helmet with the following video. You don’t slam it down on your head but rather give it a little air as it sits on top of your head.

So add some style to your ride and post ride coffee stop by adding a MWCC cap to your ensemble. Here endth the lesson.


Fausto Coppi (right) at the Giro


  1. Grant

    Can we please have a ruling on the Caps With Sunnies issue?
    If you look at the photos attached: Merckx – no sunnies, Other Random Euro Bloke – no sunnies, Any Photo Of Phil Anderson In A Peugeot Jersey And Cap – no sunnies.

  2. Simon

    “Other Random Euro Bloke”?? RDV is not this…

    And to throw another cat among the pigeons, the supremely stylish Fausto Coppi – rarely ever seen with a cap on 😉

  3. mwcc

    Great question.

    The one thing about the past, is the quality of the lenses available was below par. Otherwise Eddy would have been rolling around in his Oakleys with his cap.

    In the rain, I think the best option is peak down and no sunglasses, the spray clogs up your lenses.

    In the sun, you can wear both while riding. Maintaining the glasses outside the helmet bands, because one should always ride with some eye coverage.

    At the coffee shop, i would actually recommend no sunglasses, just cap. However some are able to pull both off, I think it works in the first photo because the sunglasses have a clear lens. Most riders though, should remove them.

  4. mwcc

    Edited to add in a photo of Fausto Coppi not only wearing a cap, but smoking a cigar before the start of a stage of the Giro.

  5. Grant

    Coppi wins. If only he had also been holding a glass of prosecco.

  6. Brad

    The only valid reason to wear sunnies inside the helmet straps and with your cap is if they are prescription and you are blind without them…..

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