Are you struggling to achieve your sporting goals, have niggling injuries, not sure what to do with all the data you collect, lack consistency or don’t have a gym membership? Multisport Fitness can help you with all your training needs whether they be cycling, gym or any sports specific requirements you have.

Mick and Christine have well over 12 yrs. combined training/coaching experience in many sports disciplines and are both competing athletes. Mick Baber rides and races for MWCC and Christine is an IFBB  figure competitor.

Micks profession is as a data analyst and so can create the link from your data to fitness principles to get your training moving forward, whether you are a C grader wanting to move up grades or an A grader wanting to eek out a few more gains and has a proven record in achieving consistent and sustainable improvements. Christine has been achieving health and fitness transformations for over 6 years at all levels.


Multisport Fitness can offer data driven personalised training sessions and/or programming to get you to your sporting and fitness goals. Based out of a commercial grade studio equipped with the latest gym and crossfit gear as well as a B.I.A body composition scanner you don’t need gym memberships.

For athletes, especially cyclists who don’t feel the need to encompass gym work in their training schedules then a good article from training peaks can be viewed here:


For more information contact Mick on 0407 321 884 or Christine on 0419 755 037

One month sports specific program including gym sessions and one gym based training session per month (one on one) $150.