For interstate travelers and workers, staying interstate means either time spent in the hotel gym, missed sessions or the hassle of having to box and transport your bike often while on a work trip. The company Livelo delivers a road bike to your hotel, so you can get out on the open road.

With a trip interstate to Melbourne, I was faced with the choices presented above and I must admit that none were particularly enticing. I could box my bike in the Bikebox Alan but would then have to lug it into the office for half a day. I really didn’t want to miss a few more days off the bike, because with all the rain in Sydney, it would mean a full week of no riding and that was sending me nuts and I enjoy the Melbourne riding scene.

This is where Livelo came to the rescue. They allow you to hire out road bikes either the standard or disc brake variety and best of all they deliver it and pick it up from your hotel. I was amazed at the options and services available when I logged in.

Livelo had ride routes and even the option of riding buddies. Once I had selected my bike, they gave me pedal options, water bottle options, Garmin options, multi tool and saddle bag options. I could even hire a helmet if necessary.

To ensure that you can just get on and ride, you can input your saddle height, bar drop height and any other special requirements, even how tight you like your pedals. This is stored in your rider profile, so next time you use the service, it is updated and ready to go. Of course if you don’t know it, you can fit yourself up once the bike has arrived. I adjusted the handlebar height down as I got use to the Colnago geometry the evening before the ride.

You then simply enter the address of your hotel (they also allow for private and Air BnB accommodation options) and a drop off time. You don’t even have to be there if you are having it dropped off or collected from a hotel.

The bike is delivered the evening before your first ride, tyres pumped up and all set up as per your requests, which included lights for the early morning start. So come Saturday morning I was off exploring the Melbourne roads.

Once I had finished my ride on Sunday morning, I just rolled back to my accommodation and packed up my cycling kit. No need to worry about boxing my bike up or leaving additional check in time at the airport, it was just me and my carry on bag, but with a weekend of riding in my legs.

The bike is collected as it was dropped off.

The rental service is available in all major Australian capital cities and Singapore. With door to door delivery of the bike, this removes the hassle of travelling with your bike. I think this is a service I will be using again in the future.

If you are interested check you – Livelo