Need ideas for a present or just to treat yourself? Want something stylish when you roll into the cafe while also having a practical riding wallet? The Bellroy wallet may be that required purchase.

I’ve just finished wearing out yet another jersey bag for my keys, cards, cash, etc. I’ve tried a few different types – ziplock bags, various other pouches but they all wear out eventually, break at the seams and spill your stuff when your fishing for coins for that post-ride coffee.

I wanted something better – weatherproof, easy to use but better quality and less transparent. I found the Bellroy All Conditions wallet which had great reviews. Made from leather with water resistant zip, they hold a stack of cards, enough cash to shout the group ride and a few keys. They come in 2 sizes – iPhone or a bit bigger than a credit card.

Mine just turned up and while untested in the wet, it looks good, is the right size (I went the smaller version since my phone is in a waterproof case)….

True, they’re not cheap. You would easily buy enough ziplock bags to choke a bunch of wild animals for one of these. It’s about the price of a good leather wallet – which is exactly what they are. You can find them cheaper than at Bellroy.